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What was your gateway podcast?

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For me, it started with The Reduced Shakespeare Company's podcast (which I still subscribe to, but only listen to occasionally). I would check out other podcasts here and there, but some friends pointed me to the Patton Oswalt/Lexi Alexander Punisher episode of HDTGM, knowing my love of that movie. That followed with another friend pointing me toward the Cobra ep (probably my favorite episode of HDTGM). I was hooked from that point on.

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I'm someone who grew up watching MST3K and loved bad movies. I never knew people did podcasts reviewing them until recently, so my gateway was HDTGM. I now listen to a couple other podcasts reviewing movies as well.

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Hmm yeah listening to podcasts.


Started listening on a stupid hour-and-a-half public transit to work.


Kept listening in the summer when I needed something good for a walk.


Started with some Stuff You Should Know/Nerdist-type things


But found Comedy Bang Bang! Man, what a great show.


Alright there.

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CAGCast i think, was my first. I dont know if it counts as a gateway, since i stopped listening to it for awhile and then got into comedy podcasts later when PFT started the tompkast.

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