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The Ads

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Is anyone a else a little bothered by the thought of HH ads being taken away?

The ads are one of my favorite parts of the show.

No more Earwolfman Jack? No more Phantom Planet?

I just can't fathom it.

The episodes are still available to download on iTunes, so we all still have the chance to download them for future listening, but it bothers me that future listeners will be deprived of what has become an intrigal part of the show's mythology.



(P.S. - I've never been too much of a forum guy, so I never bothered to get an account until now. My name's Justin and it's nice to meet y'all. Between the two fan episodes, The Popcorn Gallery, and the pro version, you all seem awfully friendly and it's nice to be here.)

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I may have spoken too soon. I just noticed that none of the HH episodes are behind a paywall yet, and the ads are still there. I haven't subscribed to the premium version yet, though.

Has anyone with a premium checked if they're staying?

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I also hope that the ads don't get removed from Hollywood Handbook.


I feel pretty strongly that Hollywood Handbook gets advertising right because, to me, the ads are part of the show and I don't mind listening to them. In fact, as has been mentioned before, some of my favorite recurring bits come from the ads. If I were an advertiser I would want to put an ad on Hollywood Handbook because listeners (and I'm assuming there are more people than just myself who feel this way) don't immediately skip the ads and actually want to listen to them. That seems like the holy grail of advertising to me, ads people want to listen to, but I'm sure there are other points of view on this.


PS - I also really enjoy the creativity with which Sean and Hayes approach the ads on the show. I like that they act as fun little vignettes between the major segments of the show but keep me engaged at the same time, I think that's really unique and one of the reasons why I love Hollywood Handbook.

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I like the story Hayes told on a different podcast about Quickbooks being with furious with the boys over their ad


because of pedophilia

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