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my first catchphrase submission

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I said a skit. Scott. A Skittle.

A snickerdoodle skit bit Scott, you don't stop the Aukerman,

the Bang! Bang! Comedy podcast, the Scottobot,

the rhythm of the boogie the beat.

Now what you hear is not a test; I'm hosting a podcast,

and me, the guests, and engineer are gonna try - to make you laugh.

You see, I am Weirder Scott, and I'd like to say hello -

to the black- the wh-- I'm colorblind, so honestly I don't know.

But first I gotta...Bang! Bang!

Welcome to Comedy Bang! Bang!, I'm Top Notcherman, and that was a catchphrase submission from The Sugarhill Gang. Legendary rap constellation from the late 1970s. Wow. Amazing. I didn't know they listened to the show. That is just incredible. Because it's a complete lie and I'm STILL TRAPPED INSIDE THE CATCHPHRASE! Somebody get me out of here! I'm running out of-- Whatever I say next is still part of the catchphrase don't trust anyone not even me not even if I say--

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