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Hayes on Who Charted

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Amazing show.

Its always seemed to me that Sean and Hayes are in their element when "going after" a guest.

Usually its a good friend of theirs they are ripping into, or a guest who have pissed them off in some way, maybe by cancelling at the last minute several times before the show they actually made it to.

These shows seem to be the funniest.


There are a few episodes where they turn that style of wit on themselves, and those episodes are just as brilliantly funny too.

Like the episode where Sean is making fun of how he tries to impress people he's at dinner with by commenting on how many pages the menu has, because its the one piece of information about resturants that he knows to make him sound smart, that he heard on a Gordon Ramsy reality show.


On Who Charted Hayes was able to employ that style of humour, but in a more kind, supportive, and even nurturing way. Which worked amazingly well.

The risk with this style of humour is that it can come off a bit mean, because Sean and Hayes are so usually much more intelligent, sharp, and insightful, than the guests. But on Who Charted there was no possibility of this happening because of the light hearted, positive, and especially open minded, nature of the two hosts.

They are not know-it-alls, they are aware that they have their own quirks, and they seem genuinely interested in learning and bettering themselves.

And of course, Kulap has been developing that nurturing/supportive vibe of the show for a very long time.

Howard even commented during the show on how Hayes became like his dad. It was very sweet and extremely funny.


It worked great.

One of the best podcasts i have ever heard.

I reccomend all Hollywood Handbook fans check it out.


Also, the Reality Show Show was one of the best pieces of comedic content ever made. And the only reasons it was not more popular must be due to the limitations of podcasts being a new medium, and the fact that the show was, comedicially, ahead of its time.

And not because people didn't like Sean and Hayes' personalities, like Hayes mentioned on the Who Charted episode.


In the future people will listen to the RSS and give it the appreciation it deserves... that is... if this Howl bullshit dies and people CAN actually listen to it...

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