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Survivor (2014)

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This is not a recommendation for HDTGM. They've already made this episode when they did After Earth. I just stumbled upon some move magic that I thought some of you might enjoy. I was perusing Amazon Prime and there was a movie with a picture of a gal that was not unattractive with a bow and arrow that had a 3 star rating so I thought I'd give it a try. I knew I would be in for a treat because Kevin Sorbo was listed as being in it.


I might not have much of a life or might have too much free time but I watched the entire movie, I don't recommend anyone do that but if you have Amazon Prime and enjoy bonkers death scenes, I recommend watching the two hilariously awesome and amazing ones in this movie. The first one is 20 minutes in and the second is one hour and 13 minutes in.



In the first death scene, Kate, Danielle Chuchran, is trying to calm her friend down that is dying, after seeing the wound she coldly tells her that she's going to die.




The second death scene is the greatest thing I've ever seen. Hayley, Melanie Stone, is on her death bed and uses her last words to tell Weston, Blake Webb, that he's a real dumb ass.



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