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"He's got a wheelchair and an attitude... He's turning the streets of L.A. into a morgue!"


After reading that tagline I had to see this movie. It's just what it sounds like, which is pretty awesome. Eugene, a paraplegic living on the streets with his mother, goes on a killing spree after she reveals she is actually his aunt. The Aunt promptly disappears from the movie. I acquired some awesome facts while researching this "film". Stuart Wall, the writer/producer appeared on People's Court in the early 90's to sue the producers of a doc called "Scream Queens" for using a still from "Hellroller". The 13 minute clip is both sad and hilarious, Judge Wapner clearly couldn't give less of a fuck. And Stuart Wall is one of the creepiest dudes I've ever seen, here's a link

. Also, "Hellroller" is the only credit on Stuart Wall's Imdb.





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