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Peter Destructo

Live venue suggestions?

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I suppose the vagaries of live show bookings are far beyond the ken of fans, but now that the HDTGM crew is branching out into other cities for their live shows, I wonder how one can nudge the crew and a venue together? I have recently relocated to the hinterland of Carlsbad, NM and pretty much the closest place I could probably see any good comedy (or culture of any kind) is Austin, about 7 hours away. The Sklars are already coming to the Moontower Comedy Festival in April, and to have HDTGM there on the same weekend would just be a dream come true. Austin is already a well-known film geek town (Alamo Drafthouse), so it would be perfect.

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Probably the closest places for me would be any of the comedy clubs in San Francisco, since its a more metropolitan city than Sacramento, most likely Cobb's since that's where a lot of podcasts seem to be recorded.

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