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Anyone near Louisville, KY wanna improvise?

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Some friends and I have started a weekly learning group based upon the UCB Comedy Improv Manual and I4H. (None of us have improvised before or had classes) We're learning long-form storytelling based improv based off of I4H primarily, with Asssscat and UCB TV show(the old one) inter-stitched.


Currently we have 3 regular member with occasional drop-ins by others, and it always feels like we're a person or two short from being able to do the exercises we're interested in.


We meet up at one of the improviser's house and practice in the basement. Bring your own beer. You don't have to participate in your first group if you just want to check the vibes.


We meet every Wednesday, 6 to 9-9:30. I'd like to find others as interested as I am so we can add days of the week to meetup.


Post here or message me for more details!


I've started to keep a record of our class activities/plans so the group can decide which practice games we think are shitty. (Spoiler: A lot of short-form practice games.)




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