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NEW "What Exactly is a Street Fighter?" HDTGM shirts

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Hello, people of Earth!


Now available for pre-order in the Earwolf Store, celebrate one of HDTGM's finest moments—and June Diane Raphael's boundless curiosity—with the What Exactly is a Street Fighter? t-shirt.



Shirt modeled by Earwolf booker and champion street fighter Ele Woods.


Relive the magic today!



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I think I can speak for all listeners when I say the wonderful the thoughts and ideas, which our sweet host June Diane Raphael considers, bring joy to this dark, jaded, while maybe more realistic, Jason Mantzoukas of a world we live.


For instance, one the finest gems y'all have already recognized with the titular quote on this forum. Yet there's another T-shirt worthy exchange ,of many I'm sure,I heard this morning, which I would purchase, promote on Facebook, etc., and I had to record word for word because of how funny and how June it was. Even so, now I am afraid.of her saying "Sure, sure," to ""the feeling of blood", Not really it was so June and so ironic to hear June agreeing to the reviewer's point of view


I would buy a t- shirt version of what I am calling the "June: the Unwitting (I hope) Creationist/ Heart of darkness" quote (IDK?! I'm just a guy!) from the second opinion part of the Dr. Moreau Episode:


Paul Scheer: "5 star amazon review of The Island of Dr.Moreau:

We are all animals, but some of us are too afraid to see it. When you feel, anger, rage, frustration or the feeling of blood, it's your true nature scratching at the surface. Man has only been out of the jungle for 2000 years, and the animal is still inside all of us, but it rarely sees the light of day. 5 stars."

June Diane Raphael: "By the way true, true but was that the point of the movie....?"


If you aren't a crazy creationist June or HDTGM people(I assume not) or believe humans descended from the branches just 2000 years ago. I'm wondering if you can make a t-shirt based on June's response


June, even though I think you weren't paying attention to the date (unlike like me who isn't responding to these things in real time), and,a I doubt your a creationist , your other response seems to imply that even though we think of ourselves as civilized people, we remain tied to our non-human animal past and can become violent, or have a "feeling of blood" as your poetic amazon reviewer put it, without much provocation.


Please tell me someone besides me someone besides me think that's really ironic and funny coming from someone as sweet as JDR who doesn't strike me as a scary, a Christian Fundamentalist or ancient Egyptian civilization or Stonehenge, or evolution denier and that yall can think of a way to make this into a t-shirt or sweat-shirt for those of us who live with seasons.

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