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Fans Thank the Cast and Crew

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I posted this on the episode page, but I figured a dedicated thread to thank the Nerd Poker guys would be easy to track for them. So...


Copy. Check. Paste. Check.


This was so great.

And going by what was requested, I'm going to say that my favorite moment of the podcast was (and I really had to narrow this one down...) was the invasion of the gas planet by the skeletal crawlers, when Mildred had to hide in the locker. Everyone was roleplaying on all cylinders, and action was turned to 11.


I would like to thank Nerd Poker and another beloved d&d podcast I listen to Pretend Wizards for being one of the driving forces of helping succeed a critical hit against my alcoholism.

I was drinking too much, and as a night person, I needed another activity to fill my usual galavanting about town while drunk. I was on the hunt as a new podcast listener, and I found Nerd Poker, where apparently a bunch of funny assholes played D&D, a game I played as a kid. I loved it then, and I figured I'd reminisce. I cranked through the first "season" in as little as two weeks while listening all day at work. (I work 14 hour shifts)

Through listening to Sark and later Blaine, I was able to try DMing out with confidence, and I have had a dedicated group ever since.

Through d&d, I was able to give up drinking, because adventuring has never given me hangovers, or left me with embarrassing stories. (Well there was this one about a false reality and a ring of teleportation... Long story.)


Thank you guys so much, and along with Pretend Wizards, you may very well have saved at least one nerds life.


I'm actually DMing a group from the forum here (we haven't started yet) and I plan on putting it in Sarks universe, so I actually have some questions for Sark... So Sark, if you're reading this... ;)

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