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EPISODE 216 — Grudge Justice

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This is a breakdown of the scenes from this episode.


- (0:00) Intro Story - Jessica didn't pass an audition because she froze during the blues section - After getting the word "pineapple" during the improv blues section of her audition, Jessica gets inspiration from Harry Belafonte at a fruit stand.

- (5:37) Intro Story - Dan proposed to Jessica in their first improv scene together - When Jason proposes to someone in an improv scene, he's forced to spend the rest of his life with her.


- (15:24) "My Handwriting" - Why clapping can be uncomfortable after a poem reading - An audience member gets called out for not saying "Hm" after a poem reading.


- (26:29) Let's Talk Some More About That - As a kid, one of the ways Dan's OCD manifested was through his small handwriting - People keep assuming a girl's diary entry about buying socks is about them.


- (34:19) "Raccoons" - Curious neighbors address a man's fetish after a raccoon tore open his trash.


- (42:28) Let's Talk Some More About That - Raccoons steal Besser and Danielle's grass and sell it to Jason - Jason finds raccoons to exchange his garbage for grass and unused matches.


- (45:39) "The War Reporter Paul Watson Bids his Joy Farewell" - Two technology-deficient mothers FaceTime their college student son


- (54:20) Let's Talk Some More About That/"The War Reporter Paul Watson is Forgiven" - Leaving war reporting behind after 35 years - Tourist takes a photo with vampires after they turn off her Curse app

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This was one of my all time favorite i4h eps. Dans poems were great, the last piece fucked me up. The improv didn't let up for a second. Show's been really topping itself lately.

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