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EPISODE 56 - Charitable Giving at the Holidays

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As the end of the year approaches, so does the number of cards promising to make a charitable donation “in your name”. But how well do these charities spend the money with your name attached to it? Also, what does it take to make “the list” for an annual holiday party?

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Ugh this is the worst, my company does a huge yankee swap every holiday season and there's a guy who is notorious for bringing in one of these type of gifts


To anyone reading, this is one of the worst situations to give a charity gift. You come in and you end up leaving with a big bottle of vodka, or a bluetooth speaker, or a starbucks giftcard, and you have the nerve to give someone in that room the joy of knowing that you got joy out of donating money to a cause. Why not just give the money you'd spend to the charity and not join Yankee Swap?


As a side note, the company literally reminds us to donate to worthy causes throughout the year and matches our donations, has a food drive in Nov, a toy drive in Dec, and gives each employee 100$ to donate to the school of their choice once a year. Giving a charity donation as a workplace gift is soooo selfish while trying to be the opposite of selfish its not even funny.

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