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Music video with Earwolf easter eggs

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Hey guys, I don't post much but I lurk here and over at reddit a lot.

I've been working on my new music video for like the last six months and I've hidden a bunch of Earwolf related easter eggs throughout it!


I'd like to see if you can spot them all before r/earwolf so I can finally figure where the true Earwolf fans hang out and where all the posers are. I think this is the only way because it I can't afford buying everyone airline tickets to gather for a true no holds barred nude death match.


So anyway here it is


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So I'm a bit late to this. /r/earwolf probably found everything but I'd like to give it a shot...


0:10 Texter

0:13 UTU2TM, CBB logo

2:52 PFT, CBB, Nunder Cover

3:27 Rod Ogg


I'm sure I missed a few, some of the stuff was hard to read in the distance.


Good vid! C+

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in addition to the above...


Bachelor Pad (Bachelor Bros, baby): 0:52

Crime Scanner (JW Stillwater): 1:36

Bang Bang into your mouth 4:59 (when you shot that dude in the mouth)


C+ music video, outstanding

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They did get them all over at reddit but you, Justin, caught more than any single person did. All except two really!


Texter logo









Rod Ogg



Pure Guava caught the Bachelor Pad



Thug wearing a CBB shirt, the only one you guys missed.



These two are bonuses though, the neon signs read "DiMellos" and "Bring out the girls", but I couldn't fit them into the frame, so I didn't count them:




Oddbomb, I think that one counts as well because most hammers are JW Stillwater references really.

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