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EPISODE 391 - 2015 Holiday Spectacular

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"What's your favorite thing baseball players do?"

"Uhhh...wipe resin onto their baseball bats, or slide into second base!"


"Son of a bitch."


Very reminiscent of Maxwell's very slow answer to Scott asking him his favorite magazine, which was referenced earlier in this episode.

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Also, for those who have not seen my video-izations for the Hollywood Facts theme:


Hollywood Facts CBB 109 Andy Samberg, Adam Pally, Scott Aukerman


Hollywood Facts A Capella Andy Samberg, Lauren Lapkus, Scott Auckerman CBB 312

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This was fantastic. I feel like this is CBB at its best.


Everybody managed to bring something great. I'm surprised how well some of the characters worked together.


"No no no you're misunderstanding me, either of you could live with the other."

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