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EPISODE 282 — Santa Has Gone Big Brother

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The fantastic director & extremely funny Jason Reitman is a huge fan of comedy and has carved out a wonderful film career from Juno to Young Adult. Jason joins Randy & Jason this week to discuss his love of The Comedy Store's Roast Battle which he's shot a short documentary on that will play at Sundance, his memories from being on the Ghostbusters set as a child, and the difficulties of shooting the sex scene for Young Adult. Later, Jason explains how he grew to appreciate hockey much more after playing it during Quick Hits. Finally, Steven Seagal arrives in-studio to tell us what he's been up to during this holiday season. Konichiwa and Happy Holidays!

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I absolutely love the 'Young Adult' talk. That is a fucking fantastic movie and I feel like it's continuously underappreciated, as it features career high performances from both Patton Oswalt and Charlize Theron. Jason Reitman is a one of a kind director.


Speaking of which, Jason Ritter's face and link are still on the front page instead of Reitman's. I love Ritter's handsome mug, but come on guys!

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