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Episode 2 — Reggaeton Soundboard

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It doesn't take a show like Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast long to get some grade-A guests. Guests like SNL's Kevin Nealon? Yes, guests like SNL's Kevin Nealon! And before Aziz Ansari became a huge hit with Raaaaaaaandy, he was a huge hit with his Reggaeton Soundboard. All of this plus more of Doug Loves Movies and songs from The Lonely Island, The Reigning Monarchs, and Hard 'n Phirm make this episode a great one to grow from.

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This was the episode I started listening to Comedy Death Ray. Episode 2. The famous 'Reggaeton Soundboard" episode.

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Is it Doug Loves Movies or Doug Leaves Movies?


Judging from the first two episodes, this podcast began somewhat more relaxed and interview-style. It's entertaining nevertheless though I more prefer the common use of absurdity in younger episodes.

While Ansari is my favorite guest so far, I did find episode 1 funnier in general.

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