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Episode 7 — Double Co-Hosts

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An episode with two co-hosts? It cannot be! Well, it is…but, when they're The Sklar Brothers you can hardly call them two separate entities. With the comedic force of Scott, Jason and Randy, and Paul F. Tompkins, you'd think unfunny was impossible…that is unless you're newly traumatized observational comic Cal Shipsby. Fortunately things take a lighter turn when the writer of Look Who's Talking, Jerry Jimson, stops by and talks about his process. And I'd be remiss not to mention that this episode features Doug Loves Movies!

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I love Paul Scheer's bit in this episode. The father who keeps bringing it back to his missing child is fantastic.

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Great chemistry on this one. I liked Rust's attempt in making fun of this aweful dating / difference between man and woman - humour, though I seen something similar from Reggie Watts which was more on point (I believe it's on Why Shit So Crazy?).

Bad editing with the commercial interrupting Rust in mid-sentence...I also wonder why some (/most) of the music tracks only last several seconds.

Also, thanks to Tompkins Comedy Bang Band became part of the Tommy Westphall universe in this episode. It really didn't take you long guys.



001. #006 Doing Laundry with Sarah (Silverman, Benson, Gelman, Kremer)

002. #001 Welcome to Comedy Bang Bang (Huebel, Lennon, Benson)

003. #007 Double Co-Hosts (Tompkins, Rust, Sklar², Benson)

004. #002 Reggaeton Soundboard (Ansari, Nealon, Benson)

005. #003 Never Date a "Brown" (Behrendt, Clarke, Thune)

006. #005 Guest Host JImmy Pardo (Gilmartin, Bamford, Garfunkel & Oates, Belknap, Francis, Benson)

007. #004 Special Nerdist Edition (Hardwick, Mira, Phirman, Benson)


(I'll hide this in spoiler-tags or something similar before it gets too long and annoys the shit out of people)

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