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Episode 10 — Comedy Vs. Music

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They say every musician wants to be a comedian and every comedian wants to be a musician. I happen to think Aimee Mann just enjoys being friends with comedians, but you can't help but pick up on how funny she is. She and Morgan Murphy bring up the estrogen level of the show as Morgan discusses dirty texts and bad dates. And while the show tries to stay away from advertising, Todd Wickey comes in to talk about the bakery for dogs he runs.

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Murphy had a great build-up with her sext-story, Mann was somewhat in the background, Morris okay, BUT--


BIRTHDAY CHECKS! :lol: - made my day. The parody did work and in addition this mix of Scott's awful and yet super-passionate performance. That was so funny on so many levels. I'm glad Weird Al inspired him in one of the last episodes to do this.



001. #006 Doing Laundry with Sarah (Silverman, Benson, Gelman, Kremer)

002. #001 Welcome to Comedy Bang Bang (Huebel, Lennon, Benson)

003. #007 Double Co-Hosts (Tompkins, Rust, Sklar², Benson)

004. #008 The New Doctor Demento (Yankovic, Scheer, Benson)

005. #010 Comedy Vs. Music (Mann, Murphy, Morris, Benson)

006. #002 Reggaeton Soundboard (Ansari, Nealon, Benson)

007. #003 Never Date a "Brown" (Behrendt, Clarke, Thune)

008. #009 R.I.P. Michael Jackson (Shepard, Pope, Hamburger, Tompkins)

009. #005 Guest Host JImmy Pardo (Gilmartin, Bamford, Garfunkel & Oates, Belknap, Francis, Benson)

010. #004 Special Nerdist Edition (Hardwick, Mira, Phirman, Benson)





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