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Episode 11 — Birthday Checks!

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Two words: Birthday Checks! That's right, it's the premiere of Weirder Scott's first ever single! But before you fast forward over to that, be sure to listen to Officer Dick Butterfield who has some great safety tips for the summertime. With all of that you'd hardly think there would be time for more features, but you'd be wrong! Doug Loves Movies, Half-Assed Sports Report, Twitter Questions and more, on this episode of Comedy Bang Bang.

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I thought I was going to have to file a suit against this show. I choked on my sodie pop when Doug said, "I always laugh at the word belly."

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Description is wrong because the premiere of Scott's first single was in the last episode.


Scott and Doug gave Huebel a hard time on this one which was pretty, pretty funny. I really like Huebel and he took it like a professional and accepted the joke constantly being on him till the very end. I also enjoyed hearing again from the Sklars.

This episode wasn't spectacular as others, but exactly why I'm listening to this podcast. It felt like a blooper but with people who enjoy exactly this and can handle / use it. New #1!



001. #011 Birthday Checks (Huebel, Sklar², Benson)

002. #006 Doing Laundry with Sarah (Silverman, Benson, Gelman, Kremer)

003. #001 Welcome to Comedy Bang Bang (Huebel, Lennon, Benson)

004. #007 Double Co-Hosts (Tompkins, Rust, Sklar², Benson)

005. #008 The New Doctor Demento (Yankovic, Scheer, Benson)

006. #010 Comedy Vs. Music (Mann, Murphy, Morris, Benson)

007. #002 Reggaeton Soundboard (Ansari, Nealon, Benson)

008. #003 Never Date a "Brown" (Behrendt, Clarke, Thune)

009. #009 R.I.P. Michael Jackson (Shepard, Pope, Hamburger, Tompkins)

010. #005 Guest Host JImmy Pardo (Gilmartin, Bamford, Garfunkel & Oates, Belknap, Francis, Benson)

011. #004 Special Nerdist Edition (Hardwick, Mira, Phirman, Benson)


p.s. yay for new song next episode!

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