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Episode 129 - The Apple: LIVE!

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All I need is enough eps to make the 2nd "Annual" Howdie Awards.


That would be cool, although personally I'd like them to get to at least the 4th Annual Howdies before they call it quits. I mean, considering it took them 3 1/2 years to do the first one, I figure that should give us HDTGM until about 2025.




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It's doubtful it would any time soon since it's one of the most popular on Earwolf and has gotten a lot of awards and recognition in mainstream pop culture. I mean The Nerdist podcast has been going for years and is up to almost 800 episodes. There are endless bad movies that can be talked about, so there is always something for them to talk about. And to be fair the delay in between last episode and whatever the next one will be is nothing compared to a few years back around Tiptoes and the episodes before and after it which were usually two weeks or more between regular and mini-episodes.


I don't see it ending as a result of indifference or disinterest-it just seems our fearless hosts are busier and busier these days and it gets to a certain point...

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In all seriousness, I don't think you have anything to worry about. Certainly, there will be a day when there will be no more HDTGM, but I don't think you need to fret just yet. For one thing, when Paul posted a couple weeks back, he seemed very willing and open to listen to criticism (including why the episodes are sometimes late), going so far as to offer a voting system for the movies they cover--which we all agreed was a bad idea. But, it did lead to the "Ask Paul" thread, and in the last mini, he expressed interest in starting a Reddit for the same purpose. Also, there's been talk of the three of them doing a spin-off podcast. None of these statements lead me to believe that HDTGM is about to end.


What I think is most likely is, as he's said, they are all busy with their other gigs. Not to mention, we are coming off a Valentine's/President's Day weekend.


Will HDTGM continue forever? Unfortunately, no...but I wouldn't despair just yet. They're just busy people, and as much as I love HDTGM, I accept that it may not always be their first priority--if ever. Just be happy and enjoy it for as long as it lasts--which will hopefully be a very, very long time.


Personally, I think the best is yet to come!


I would say I'm hopeful, maybe cautiously optimistic. I certainly wouldn't blame our hosts if they got too busy to have it continue as a regular thing. The show ending because they get so much work would be the best reason for it to end!

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