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Episode 76.5 — Don't Cry Rolling Skate Train

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After all the goofing around of the previous hour, the guys get some business done the second half of the show. Not only do they play What Am I Thinking?, Jukebox Jury, and Would You Rather?, but Dame Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber sings his greatest hit from Starlight Express and he and Scott double up on a new Jeremy Piven themed Would You Rather? theme. Dillon Campbell once again contributes some lovely songs, and we get the Plugs that were skipped during the first half. Don't forget to check out the Earwolf store, and pick up your very own Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast t-shirt.

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Every other comment I refer to this episode, and the wonders of "roller skate train." I just don't know if anyone remembers! We all love the game and the theme song, but what about the history? What about the CBB lore? Can we not use the roller skate train version as a special remix edition? Can we not?

Also, this description is a lie. There is no CBB shirt. Oh I've checked, believe me I've checked. *shakes fist and goes off to make popped-corn in defeat*

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