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What is your Earwolf starting five?

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If you could actually force Earwolf podcast hosts or frequent guests be on basketball team, which would you?


For me this;


My first pick would be Scott (Hotsaucerman) Aukerman at Center, as many people have remarked on his tallness, I'm sure his naturally ability for boxing out and rebounding would kick in, and he would be dunking on all the fools.


Secondly, I would pick Hayes (The Dove) Davenport at Power Forward, one time Scott (Hotsaucerman) Aukerman said that Hayes (The Dove) Davenport was also tall, and I've heard Hayes talk about round ball quite a bit. Despite him being a huge nerd growing up, I think his powers will be best used at this position.


Third pick would be Sean (Clemtrails) Clements at Point Guard. Sean's cool headed-ness, and previous championman experience would allow him to really power through any of the other Point Guards you would pick in the Earwolf league. He would also be good in conjunction with known tall-man and funny friend, Hayes (The Dove) Davenport.


At Small Forward I would obviously go with Matt (Angryface) Besser. Known sports-guy, with lots of knowledge. His ability to improvise would come in amazingly on the court. Also, he looks angry, which will scare all of everyone.


Then finally, at Shooting Guard, Andy Daly.


Also!!! Coached by the dynamic duo; Randy and Jason Sklar.

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