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Episode 36 - Question of the Day Live!

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Three times a week, Stephen Dubner and James Altucher ask and (attempt to) answer the 'Question of the Day'. Topics have included "Does Marketing Pay Off?", "Can Money Really Buy Happiness?", and "Why Work a Nine-To-Six Job?".


In January, the guys stepped out of the recording booth and onto the stage to hold a 90-minute live event at the Bell House in Brooklyn, NY. Listeners submitted questions for the event through social media, and special guest comedian/moderator Negin Farsad attempted to keep our hosts in line and on topic.


Also, fulfilling a dare from months earlier on the podcast, Stephen and James each made their first attempts at live stand-up comedy!


Enjoy the full, uncensored version of the 'Question of the Day Live!' event, then subscribe to the podcast on iTunes to hear the regular show everyTuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

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