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Episode 2 - The GTOs

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Somewhere in the space between fan, groupie, muse, and rock star lives the outrageous collective known as the GTO’s. Like lightning in a bottle, these young women converged during the late ‘60s Sunset Strip scene, elevating the idea of “fan” to an unlikely artistry that was not seen before nor since. While they came together with a common interest, each member of this coterie had a bizarre and interesting background that brought a vital energy to the group's notoriety. In addition to releasing the album Permanent Damage, produced by Frank Zappa, their creative influence on the late 60s scene was reflected by some of its biggest artists, from Alice Cooper to Gram Parsons to Led Zeppelin. Through personal recollections and exclusive interviews, this episode of Something Cool explores and celebrates the unique feminist humor and empowerment that the Girls Together Outrageously brought to the world of very serious rock and roll.




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