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Episode 3 - The Red Badge of Courage

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A bold interpretation of Stephen Crane's "The Red Badge Of Courage"


Produced by Matt Gourley and James Bladon with Mark McConville

Directed by Matt Gourley

Edited by James Bladon with Matt Gourley



Paul F. Tompkins as Henry Fleming, Outraged Confederate Soldier #1, and Murderous Union Soldier #2

Matt Gourley as Wilson, Outraged Confederate Soldier #2, The Tattered Soldier, Simpson, Mother, Red-Bearded Soldier, and Captain Whiterside

Mark McConville as Lieutenant Hasbrook, The Cheery Soldier, Murderous Union Soldier #2, and The General James Bladon as Jim Conklin and Colonel MacChesnay

Narrated by Jeremy Carter


Here on Howl

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I hold this episode up very high as an example of how great this whole idea is. Thank you!

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