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Episode 11 - Forrest Gump

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Devin & Amy open up a box of questionable chocolate and see what's really inside the landmark film Forrest Gump. Do the revolutionary computer effects automatically enter the film into the canon? Does director Robert Zemeckis hate humans? Is this the Buzzfeed of 1994? Tune in for the battle -- and head to the forums on Wolfpop to cast the deciding vote!

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Hey, this thing is on!


Advertising this show on HDTGM was a good idea.


I don't have a big story to tell about Forrest Gump, except for the fact that I worked one winter as a host at a Bubba Gump's restaurant. Here's what you can takeaway from this experience: to earn promotions and pay raises, workers at the restaurant (~fifteen years ago) have to pass trivia questions about the movie. I can't recall the exact questions, aside from their inanity and how completely insane this promotion system was. Anyone on the service end of this restaurant has been subjected to Gump hundreds, if not thousands of times. Not just in the trivia-based promotions, but in the constant loop that would run in the restaurant gift shop.


So I can appreciate your analysis of this movie. This film is breathtakingly cynical. What's remarkable is how the franchise has been marketed is even more so. The story about Winston Groom getting screwed out of his share of the fortune is new to me (but not especially surprising!). The restaurants (operated by an independent restaurant group under license) aren't half-bad for a chain, but the crass commercialism is awe-inspiring. It makes Jimmy Buffett's places look subtle by comparison. If you're curious, there's an iteration of this restaurant in most western tourist locales in the country, including at least one in Los Angeles.


If you go, pay attention to the small details: the dumb catchphrases that the restaurant staff are obligated to use, the intentionally disheveled table settings, the folksy host who sits down with your party at the end of your table, all of it. Maybe they've lightened up on the tackiness in recent years, but I doubt it.

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It didn't get voted in. It got rejected. And rightfully so. Garbage movie.

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