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Episode 40 - Let The Right One In vs. Let Me In

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Devin & Amy take their versus series to another level as they debate the age old question: Is the remake better than the original? This week they discuss the differences between 2008’s Swedish romantic horror film Let the Right One and 2010’s American remake Let Me In. Which will be entered into the canon as one of the greatest vampire films of all time? Tune into hear Devin & Amy defend their favorite version -- and head to the forums on Wolfpop to cast the deciding vote!

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Catching up on older episodes during the (permanent?) hiatus.

I definitely go with the original and am glad it made it in. Both A&D make good points, but A was really reaching and nitpicking at points (and after this and the Pennies episode, I fear for her life choices). This episode makes me really bummed that we're going to not get new ones, as far as we know. The show is simultaneously everything that was both great and frustrating about the show.


One of the weirdest things is that in the extras of the re-make, they never once mention the original film. They talk about it as a strict adaptation of the novel, even though there clearly are scenes that are shot-for-shot the same. That's so strange.

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