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Comedian and podcaster Andy Wood joins Randy and Jason on this week's Sklarbro County. They discuss Chris Rock hosting the Oscars and the Sklars recently performing in Raleigh, NC. Daniel Van Kirk's crazy stories include a Florida man with a metal detector who found a live grenade at the beach and two strangers who had sex on a Ferris wheel. Later, prosecuting attorney Ken Kratz of Making a Murderer calls in to plug his classic rock cover band.

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Guys, I think it's time for an Ithaca episode of Finding the Funny.

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a grenade in slow motion:



threw a couple m67's back when I was in the army. Heavy, very dense metal. Powerful.

Had a scary situation in basic training while on the range for the first time.

You get about a week of training on grenades, before you ever touch a live one.

Day after day, time and time again, you are drilled the same routine:

These are spoken instructions said to you, and acted out in class.

1) "take grenade" - you take the grenade from the range officer.

2) "grasp pin" - you put your finger through the pin ring.

3) "pull pin"- you pull the pin out

4) "drop pin" - I guess people get confused about which hand is holding something, so you have to toss the pin.

5) "throwing position" - you get into a body posture like you are making a throw from the outfield.

6) ""throw grenade" - you chuck the grenade at a telephone pole that is down range, and duck down behind the cement barrier.

easy peasy.


I step up to throw my grenade

1) "take grenade" I take the grenade

2) "grasp pin" - yep, I got the pin.

3) "pull pin" - yeah! let's do this thing!

4) "DROP IT" - (thought the following to myself) WHAT? Drop what? The most important "it" in my life right now is the grenade, does this guy really want me to drop the grenade on my foot? I'm in basic, I'm supposed to follow ever order given to me. I look at my hands, and see the hand with the pin and figure I'll just shake this off my finger first, see how that goes, and if he still wants me to drop the grenade he can just tell me then. I drop the pin.

5) "throwing position" - you know how the rest of this goes... Boom goes the dynamite.


A week of training, using the same commands, and it's on the range with live grenades (and me being a noob), that the range officer decides to go casual. Grenades are very powerful.

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