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Episode 19 - Death Wish

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This week Kevin “One Scene Watcher” Avery & W. Kamau “Innovative Podcaster” Bell discuss Denzel’s film debut in 1974‘s Death Wish. They talk about how the movie is basically a low rent version of The Punisher, Jeff Goldblum playing one of the thugs in the trigger warning scene, why Samuel L. Jackson doesn’t have to run if he doesn’t want to, and the 54 second scene that Denzel is in. Plus, they discuss how Denzel Washington Is the Greatest Brand Strategist of All Time, the Centric network’s Ladies Love Denzel weekend, and Denzel’s book “A Hand to Guide Me.” Pick up Denzel’s book here: http://www.amazon.com/Hand-Guide-Me-Denzel-Washington/dp/0696230496

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