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Episode 405 - Space Chemistry

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Am I the only one who loves it when Scott does his Paul Lynde impression?


Definitely not, I love a good PLynde impresh.

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Real Talk, Earwolfians


If you are a CBB fan and have not yet jumped into the Superego Universe, do not hesitate any longer!

Here's my origin story:

I first heard the name Matt Gourley with the release of the first eps of the ADPPP at the end of 2013. I had heard mention of this Superego but had no idea what it really was. But gosh darned if Matt didn't blow my freakin mind with his improv and voices and characters on the ADPPP. So I jumped into Superego which was probably in the 3rd season. As it turns out, IT'S LITERALLY THE FUNNIEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD!

Hopefuly I'm mainly preaching to the choir, here, but again, if not, you should check em out. The exclusive HowlApp content; Forgotten Classics and Superego Cinema are freakin' homeruns too!

If you're already a fan don't forget about Gourley and McConville's newest colab - Pistol Shrimps Radio, which is just as hilarious as everything else they've ever done.


Happy 10 year anniversary to all the Superego players!

(PS - New ep out today!)

I had this exact same experience. Specifically, it was "Travel Bug with August Lindt" and Gourley's show-stealing HR Giger impression that made me check out his other stuff. I ran through all the available Superego episodes before the next ADPPP episode got released a week later.

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After Scott informs Sir Alec and Irvin that they were both dead,


Sir Alec: "I'm not dead. Not yet."




Also, Superego was my reason for living. The fact that they released their final episode broke my widdle heart.

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