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Episode 100 - Jad Abumrad, Radiolab Creator

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For this extra-special 100th episode of The Wolf Den, Adam talks with the very first MacArthur Fellow to be on the show, Jad Abumrad. Jad is the creator and co-host of Radiolab, a public radio show heard on more than 500 stations, and one of the most popular podcasts of all time. Jad and Adam talk about the creative process behind Radiolab, and the "gut churn" that Jad says was essential to create the show. Jad also shares his views on podcasting today, and the opportunities available for fresh talent in public radio and podcasting. Finally, he gives hard-earned advice for the aspiring audio producer.

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'Hey, so, Jad, why is it that since you got that grant your episodes have ... let me just check my notes here ... not explained much science ... asked shitty questions ... done virtually no research to back up anything ... and just flat out aggregated entire episodes (and not very good ones) from other radio shows? Isn't that weird? Is it because you no longer have that one plagiarist around to give you ideas?'

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