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Sark: The Elder...

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So...I know alot of things changed throughout the campaign, and The Elder probably doesn't fit into the retcons, but you had an idea for that character, and he was important? So who was The Elder? What was 'The C'. What was the 'not magic'?


Edit: I have a feeling that The Elder was a Duggan character, but Duggan didn't make it back to the cast when he thought he would. So maybe he has a better explanation for everything?


Edit2: Was he just a Sark invention to make everyone go back towards the Collectors? He was perfectly the thing to annoy Brian, and Sark couldn't stop describing how ridiculously physically and magically endowed this guy was. The best thing about The Elder is when Sark describes a droplet of sweat winding it's way through the contours of his 'twelve pack' and it's met with an awkward silence until Sarah describes Brian as kinda hanging mouth and super confused and angry.

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