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Benicio Del Bore-O

I'm retiring from the catchphrase game. Thanks and good luck.

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I'm just not having fun submitting anymore. It's not just that none of my phrases have been picked, especially when so many of you submit quality material. It's this:


I'm tired of Scott picking anti-comedy schlock about a 25-30% of the time, whether it's an uninteresting (rhyming) babble, or a (deliberately?) bad and threadbare pun like "I'm really anal about my work, but then I am a proctologist." I'm not losing to 90's tv writing, whether it's ironic or not.


The thing about anti-comedy is that it's all fancy footwork and pure taste. It can be really obnoxious hipster shit when it's bad. Or maybe I'm just not funny and that shit is. Either way, thanks to a few of you for the likes and the PMs.


I'm a-headin' off down the road.


Del Bore-O

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