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That's A T-Shirt!

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I have thoroughly enjoyed the various musings by Scotty and pals on "That's A T-Shirt!" ideas as well as the "Is That A T-Shirt?" ideas. During almost every episode I get at least one of them that pops into my head as well.


Do you have any "That's A T-Shirt!" moments that Scott or any of the guests have mentioned that you'd like to see someone give an attempt at rendering? Do you want to try to make one of those aforementioned t-shirt designs a reality? Do you have any of your own "That's A T-Shirt!" moments that you'd love to see visualized? Are there more questions like this I could ask?


I thought it would be fun and interesting to have a thread where people share their "That's A T-Shirt!" moments and maybe try their hand at some designs. They don't have to be professional quality or anything - there are tons of sites that let you make your own designs really quickly and easily, so show us what you got!


To get things started I made one from the recent episode "Shut the Fuck Door!" which inspired me to waste some time and make a design. Here it is! Tell me what you think!*


* Note: Only positive opinions will be acknowledged, you dicks.



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