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Amy the Gorilla

A Magic Puppy (2012)

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It's on Netflix, and probably ONLY on Netflix.


HOLY HELL is this movie bad, and at some points, hilariously so. This is what happens when someone tries to make a kids movie but has no clue how to make movies.


There's a really hilarious, although slightly headache inducing, scene where Eric Roberts is suppose to be talking to his son in the back yard through a sliding door, but the kid's scene was at night, and I guess Eric had better things to do, so they filmed his side during the day, but did and awful (AWFUL HOLY SHIT SEARING MY EYES WITH BLUE bad) "day for night" filter. He also doesn't ever open the door so he's talking to a plate glass window.


Admittedly I couldn't finish it. I was watching it with my mom one weekend, and I got angry at the movie and stormed out. She had to recap how it ended.

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