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Favorite and least favorite movies in The Canon

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Favorite in: Alien

Least Favorite In: E.T.

Favorite Out: Manhattan

With Re-Animator in the Canon, E.T. gets swapped out. I hate hate hate this movie! I'm not too mad it's in The Canon; Devin's argument was a good case for it to appear, and I at least kind of remember Combs's performance. But I think it's one of the most mean-spirited, mindless genre pictures I've seen from the 80s, and I didn't find it fun at all. I almost (almost) have more affection for C.H.U.D. II: Bud the Chud. Almost.

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Favorite: The Thing

Least Favorite: E.T.*

Favorite Out: Creed


*Close Encounters is SUCH!!!!! a better movie.

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Favourite in the canon: Battle Royale; Alien

Two choices because these are both (almost) perfect films.


Least favourite in the canon: Beauty and the Beast

Simply does not work for me: creepy premise, generally dislikeable characters, forgettable songs. And I would argue much the same about The Lion King too, except for the songs.


Favourite not in: The Hurt Locker

One of the best films in the last 20 years. I still cannot understand why it isn't in the canon (maybe love makes you incapable of understanding other's points of view?).


Happy it didn't make it: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Racism and misogyny played for laughs, followed by excessive violence and gore - all in a family-friendly, PG-format! The whiff of colonialism is all over it like a bad suit.

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Favorite film that made the canon: Pather Panchali (with a close close 2nd and 3rd being Alien, Annie Hall)

Least Favorite that made the canon: Grand Budapest Hotel, Cannibal Holocaust are a tie.

The one I most wished had made it: easily Close Encounters of the Third Kind


My nomination for consideration in the canon, although maybe no hope this will be seen by the good people who run this exceptional podcast, yet into the void it goes: WHEN HARRY MET SALLY. A classic rom com. A chance for long looooong feminist monologues. But I can live with that because there's some other good and interesting stuff to talk about. It's kinda fringe, it may or may not get voted in. And Reiner was amazing back in the day. "Now, Let's do dis!" "THIS IS WHERE WE FIGHT!" "Fight." *whisper* "fight"

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Favorite: The Grand Budapest Hotel


Least Favorite: Mad Max: Fury Road


Favorite Out: Jerry Maguire

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