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Ctchphrs Sbmshn Teir1/4/sxtn/016

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You who are so quick to judge me walking down the street as if you witnessed me in my dark hour rocking back and forth in the rounded corner of a stranger's worn queen sized mattress.. you think me some hostile vessel of imminent external chaos; A man on the precipice of forsaking his very soul to ask "what is a mind that contains only emotion? what then is ambivalence but an intention toward apathy?" Anticipating a foreshadowed chaos and misery 'rought forth by overzealous and gleeful rage; tempest of your volatile, yet underwhelmed demise, before I lull myself away to the unending void, A plot twist of your own design, fate written by your hand alone. When all I really want is for McDonald's to sell Mozzarella Sticks again!.. Welcome To Comedy Bang! Bang!

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