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Episode 104 - Sam Heughan

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Sam Heughan is a charming guy and hard working actor. Sam joins Josh this week to talk about the new season of the Starz series Outlander, where he was in his career before he got his role in the series, and the pros and cons of being objectified for your looks.

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I have been a huge fan of Outlander, since I began the first book, probably 15-20 years ago. I have been very impressed with how the show has developed. I have developed a lot of respect for those involved in the show and learned a lot watching some of the interviews with the cast and crew. Sam has been a gentleman, charming, and quick to share praise with cast and crew during the many interviews he has given. I am more impressed now, after watching many interviews, while waiting for Season 2. It is incredible that he cam maintain his character, after being asked many of the same, and silly questions. I am rereading "The Fiery Cross" and am picturing how Jamie and Claire will evolve, and I am sure that Sam will continue his wonderful interpretation of Jamie.

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