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TAG: The Assassination Game (1982)

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I posted this to the FB page before remembering it should go here. :-/




Now that I know it's available on youtube (and only on youtube I believe), I would like to suggest a future film.


Pre-"Revenge of the Nerds" Robert Carradine, and pre-"Terminator" Linda Hamilton in "T.A.G. The Assassination Game."


Also starring: Kristin De Bell of "Meatballs" and "Alice In Wonderland: An X-Rated Musical Fantasy"; Perry Lang of "1941" and "Spring Break"; Bruce Abbot of "Re-Animator"; Pre-"Fast Times at Ridgemont High" (barely) Forest Whitaker; Xander Berkeley of allofthemoviesever;



And Michael Winslow...


(Also, at some point it was released under the name "Everybody Gets It In The End!" with the poster having a picture of a suction-cup dart stuck to someone's butt... Subtle...)



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