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Suggestion - Peter O'Toole "vs." episode: Becket vs. The Lion in Winter

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My favorite all-time actor is Peter O'Toole. Imagine this: an 8-time Oscar nominee and no wins! Obviously, Lawrence of Arabia is just too much of a no-brainer, so let's not go through the motions there.


My suggestion is that we do the two movies for which he was nominated for playing King Henry II. I would like to have you put up Peter Glenville's Becket (1964) against Anthony Harvey's The Lion in Winter (1968).


Trust me, these are two stellar performances in two remarkable movies. This would be a difficult choice. Given that he was nominated for both of these for playing the same character (not a sequel), I think this is a brilliant idea for an episode.


I adore you two, and I love the Canon!

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I think Becket is an easy winner to that one. I'm not denying the brilliance of The Lion Winter, but in my opinion it's not nearly as memorable both as a film and as an O'Toole performance.

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