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Just rewatched the video of the sketchfest episode and had a realization...

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I don't know how I missed it the first time, but in the sketch fest episode, one of the emails is from the #2 ranked competitive eater in the world, Patrick Bertoletti. (He actually should be ranked third but Major League Eating still hasn't kissed and made up with Kobayashi after last years hot dog eating contest arrest so he's not on it...)

I can't be the only one to see the enormous potential of having such a icon in the world of sports as a Skaboro Country citizen. I'm not just talking potential future guest here but the first citizen of our great nation to represent us at the most prestigious and glorious sporting event of all, the 4th of July Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest.

If you look at Bertoletti's numbers the past few years, he's not that far of Chestnut's hot dog pace and he's beaten him in other events. Who knows? Maybe he'll lead this great nation to a "Miracle on Ice' type moment this July 4th, only instead of ice, it's a pile of regurgitated hot dogs.

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