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Glen Toran

The Hour of the Pig AKA The Advocate (1993)

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Probably the finest movie about a pig accused of child murder in 1340s rural France ever!

I have to be honest, I fucking love this film but it would be entertaining to hear the teams take on it.


A frankly amazing cast of British thespianism, Colin Firth, Nicol Williamson, Ian Holm, the butler from Downton Abbey playing...well a sort of butler, even Donald fucking Pleasance, for Christs sake.


Firth plays an up and coming Parisian lawyer who, along with his trusty manservant, the Butler fella, flees plague ridden Paris for the relative safety of a far flung rural province. While there he finds that the legal work he was hoping for is pretty scant and the local gentry try desperately to snag such an eligible cosmopolitan bachelor for marriage to their frighteningly inbred daughters. He hears of an intriguing case of serial child murder that has been accused on the pet pig of the town's only Jewish family (yes, I know, not very kosher). Appalled at such errant nonsense and disgusted my the prejudice and erm....pig ignorance of the local population he vows to clear the pig's name in court and also find the real murderer.


Can Colin beat local hosility find the real murderer and save the pig's bacon in a dramatic courtroom showdown? Well watch the bloody thing and find out.

It really is a rather wonderful wee film.

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