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Highlander (1986)

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This movie is definitely within the so bad it's good. It's a Cannon film, and it has all the elements, bad fight scenes, terrible ADR and Sean Connery playing an Egyptian. I could go on about it but it's on Hulu plus you should definitely watch it for yourself.


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with a sound track from the greatest band of all time!



God, John Deacon guitar playing is amazing. I still get the hairs of my head standing up when I hear him hammer down those chord's.


Cast of Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery, Clancy Brown who is over the top brilliant in this. I fucking love this movie, that's how much I love this film.

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end of subject. if you don't cry when you hear this song in this film then you don't have any feelings..




its a song that once you hear it, you think about the film, it's so owned by that film.



May of not been such a great movie if it wasn't for queen, like star wars without john williams soundtrack, but god dam once you hear the two together it just works. and once you hear princess of the universe in the first what five minutes of the film you know you got to turn that home theatre system up, and turn on the subwoofer

because tonight it's movie night! because it's a kind of magic.


it's just got all the right elements that make a great movie.

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