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Dragonball Evolution (2009)

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I didn't see it but I completely dread it. I'm actually a Dragonball fan (more the original series than the more popular Dragonball Z) and I could easily tell that the people who made it didnt understand the appeal of the original and did not care. The other issue is the sadness of seeing James Marsters in a really bad movie. Shame.

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I would love to hear them review this movie. Even fans of DB (which I constantly debate with myself if I am one, definitely enjoy the manga and some of the games) will admit that the original story isn't that great. This movie took that story and made it 100 times worse. We would get to hear all about how "next level bonkers" this movie is. I would hope that the guest had at least some knowledge of the source material, but even if not, it would be great.

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This would put Ernie Hudson (Congo) and Randall Duk Kim (Last Airbender) into the HDGTM all-stars, obviously Congo is a better movie than this, but I think it would a fight to see whether this or Last Airbender is the worst. Same level of crappy effects, both have airbending (for some reason), same pissing on the source material, etc. I think DB:E ends up as the better movie because a. the source material is not as good, so its not quite AS big of a slap in the face, and b. Last Airbender was hella long, and this is at least normal length. Also, this one has a guy named Texas Battle in it (actor, not character), so theres that.


Not sure if I'd want to see it as an episode for HDTGM though, but you can never really judge how good an episode would be beforehand. Theres definitely plenty of WTF moments, stupid shit that doesnt make sense, things that just kinda happen, etc, so i guess any amount of knowledge about Dragonball wouldnt be necessary (and may be a hinderance?) so who knows.


A few related bits of stuff though, Quiptracks has a really good rifftrax for this movie http://www.theootl.c...&products_id=23 which I highly recommend if you like MST3K/Rifftrax.


And while its about Dragonball Z and not Dragonball, the best writer ever, Hans von Hozel, did write a fanfic for it, it is both better written and more true to the source material than Dragonball Evolution:


All the Dragonballs were bounce around happy in the village!


"One day you can all grow up to be a strong dragons!!!" say Vegeta, throwing some seed for the Dragonballs to eat.


"YAY SEEDS!" say the Dragonballs, and they take all the seeds.


"Oh no!!!" say Vegeta, "Not all the seeds! We need them for plants grow!!! Now how plants grow?!"


"Boo hoo!" say the Dragonballs, they had made a badly!


No more plants for the growing?


Suddenly, the plants stopped growing and pollution made across the planet!


"Pollution!!!" say Vegeta, as pollution kill all the Dragonballs.

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Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama was so horrified at this adaptation of his work that he decided to revive the series with the animated film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods (2013)

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What’s the hold up!? How has this not been episode already! PJJ may not be fans of the series, but remember how they took down Last Air Bender, they did an amazing job and it was only the 4th episode!!!!


Bring this series the justice it’s deserve, bring shame upon the cast for shameless, for being apart of this wretched film!


Also Ron Funches as special guests. He taught Conan to play DB Mobile game!

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