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Mathew Shit

My Friend, My Boss

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I want to do an audio project that requires the involvement of near perfect strangers and I want those strangers to be exclusively sourced for the HH forums.


About me: I produce talk radio professionally in LA. In my free time I do funny make-em-ups on youtube and sometimes on my website, here: http://www.treasurezine.com/


What I'd like to do is begin recording a weekly phone (internet) call between myself and people who I'm only superficially familiar with. The conversation would be structured this way: I propose something (not huge) for the person to do, that I think I could reasonably convince that person to do, taking into account their own wants and circumstances.


We spend around ten minutes hashing out the pros and cons of undertaking such a task and they then they decide if they are going to do it. The next week we talk about how the thing went (or didn't went) and we start over. This continues weekly until they are fired, retire or quit, for reasons that will become evident throughout recording.


The length of each session would be no longer than forty minutes including an unrecorded pre-interview before recording.


Whoever wants to participate would need to be able to record relatively clean audio. I think it's a small enough commitment and it could be fun. Post your interest or criticism in this thread and other threads.

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