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The Fountain

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How has nobody commented and supported this suggestion? Easily Aronofsky at his most visionary. This movie meant so much to me while one of my Guardians was in a chemically induced coma and was fading. When she passed, I rewatched it over and over again for an entire summer. Multiple times a day sometimes (although Luke Greenfield's The Girl Next Door also was in heavy rotation... Puberty and all) but my love for this movie has only endured. It's such a brilliant piece of cinema.


Although I made a post earlier this evening concerning Perfect Blue, highlighting how Aronofsky basically strip mined Satoshi Kon's work to help define his two most readily seen movies, Requiem for a Dream and Black Swan, in the process... I love Aronofksy and believe he should and will be in The Canon, and The Fountain is perhaps for me the most true Canon "submission" from him.

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