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Episode 80 - Don't Leave No Money On The Table w/ Damien Lemon

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Damien Lemon, host of Comedy Knockout on truTV joins Kevin and Kamau to discuss why a Denzel movie won't be covered this week (even though they came close to doing 2 Guns). Plus, they talk about witnessing the Denzelishness at the NBA Finals, the 70th Annual Tony Awards, why and Damien's Top 5 Denzel Movies.

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Yes!!!!! Damien Lemon is the funniest dude to come out of that Guy Code show. Definitely going to listen to his podcast as well. Also, 2Guns sucks as a movie -- Marky Mark is trying to be funny and Denzel is the straightman, but it doesn't work. If you have Marky Mark carrying the comedy of your movie, you've already lost the battle.

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