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I'll guest on any show that will have me

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Hello, my name is Hinton McLeod and I've just launched a podcast about podcasting that's made up primarily of my appearances on other podcasts. It's called Ouroboros featuring Hinton McLeod and I'm on the hunt for other shows to appear on to help keep it going. I'm down to do any show at pretty much any time regardless of subject matter, budget or size of audience. So if you find yourself in a bind for guests or just looking give an unfamiliar guest a shot, please don't hesitate to consider me and shoot me a line at wouldyoudomypodcast@sureilldoyourpodcast.com and we'll get something worked out. Thank Your for your kind Attention.

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if your still doing this we will definitely call you for my podcast. no preparation necessary we just kind of call and ask questions/chat about whatever we happen to be talking about at the time.



skip through some of the recent episodes you'll see what i mean, we would just need your phone number and have you available for 30 mins or so, we usually record around 5 pm on tuesdays or thursdays

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