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Episode 16 - At Sea On a Cardboard Boat (Live at the Vulture Festival)

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It's the first ever taping of Beautiful/Anonymous from the Vulture Festival in NYC. The caller is a creative Canadian looking to sail her cardboard boat in the rough waters of daily life. Luckily the audience is on her side.

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I really liked the way the Chris used the hashtag to get the audience involved in the conversation. The idea of quietly having audience members chime in that way, instead of shouting things out or anything like that, really helped the call still feel intimate, to me at least.

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I identify with this caller...Chris frustrates me in this call. It seems like a privileged and connected person giving advice to a struggling, disconnected person. And he's playing to the theater audience. Not being able to pay your rent sucks, to say the least. Being homeless sucks. It sucks even more as a woman. People don't "make it" for many reasons...Before I write a wall of text I'll end by saying it sounds like the best advice for the caller is to work on creating or joining a network of people with similar ambitions to work together and support each other. That's how you get ahead. You don't have to do things like the Sumemr camp *all alone.* (i.e. Chris had UCB...) Now for me to follow my own advice.

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