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Episode 17 - Early Onset

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She's just 25, but her mother has early onset Alzheimers. This is a call about remembering those who can no longer remember themselves.

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I want to start with thank you 'Early Onset' for sharing your story with us. I hope being able to voice your journey helped you to feel a little less burdened. I can't imagine what it is like to face this at such a early time in your adulthood and I imagine that it has you feel so alone. While the support groups might not include people as young as yourself there are many who have experienced loss, grief, loneliness and helplessness in facing the difficulties of this life. Please let yourself be supported by those who are going through similar journey and try to avoid getting locked into the idea that someone has to go through exactly what you are going to through to understand. It is in the sharing and connecting that will make you feel a little less alone. There are just somethings we go through in this life that even if someone went through something similar it still remains different enough for that aloneness to never completely leave. Nevertheless, we want to be there to support you as you navigate your aloneness....Again thank you for sharing your story with us and may you find moments of connection with your mom that bring a healing and comforting presence.

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Last night I had some friends over. They were friends I met through The Chris Gethard Show, actually! And we were getting together to watch the newest How Did This Get Made movie, so there's the Earwolf connection too!




We were watching this movie and someone went to the washroom, and after a while realized that the lock had broken and they couldn't get out. After about 20 minutes I called my dad (he works as a maintenance manager and is super handy, I thought he would know what to do) and he tried to walk me through some stuff. Then, after about 20 minutes of that not working he just said he would come over. He showed up with my mom and I jokingly said "had to witness this for yourself?" at which point she explained that my father had taken Nyquil just before I called because he wasn't feeling good. So my father spent the next hour getting a friend out of my washroom while sweating profusely and actively stopping himself from falling asleep. All while my mom watched on because my dad was too out of it to drive and so she had to give him a ride.


I am 26.


I've never felt more useless, or like I had better parents. Listening to this episode is reminding me not to take that for granted.

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